It's my pleasure to announce that we will be hosting a massive giveaway on SkyUnity! Every player will have a chance to participate and potentially win big! Winners will be chosen completely based on their replies to this thread! So make sure you have followed all the instructions carefully and have made your best effort!. Anyway, here's the best part - the prizes!

  • > One SkyMage Rank, One SkyLord Rank, Two SkyLegend Ranks and Two SkyHero Ranks.
  • > Five Lucky Keys, Three Obsidian Keys, Three Wood Keys, Five Stone Keys and Ten Vote Keys.
  • > We will be giving two or three lucky players the access to the /fly command.

So, are you ready to win some things?
To sign up for this giveaway, all you have to do is complete the simple steps below!
  • > Follow me on Twitter
  • > Follow SkyUnity on Twitter
  • > Like and retweet this Twitter post
  • > Like this thread
  • > Reply to the thread with this format:
    • What is your IGN?
    • When did you join SkyUnity?
    • What is your current rank?
    • Why should you be one of the lucky winners?
    • [COLOR=rgb(255, 0,...
Greetings all. In this thread you will find every last bit of information you will need to know in order to become a member of our professional Staff Team. The thread will cover the application process, getting denied, getting accepted and will be continually updated when changes to this system are made.

  • You must have a validated Discord account. Discord is the platform we use to communicate and you must possess an account to become a member of our Staff Team.
  • You must have at least some previous experience, so we know that you can be trusted with the powers that will be given to.
  • You must be at least 13 Years Old, as we require all Staff to have a certain level of maturity.
  • You must possess 5 - 7 hours weekly ontime, as we require all Staff Members to be active.
  • Your application must be over 600 words, it shows that you have put effort into your application. Although, this is just the bare minimum. We are looking for Staff who go above and beyond the "bare minimum".
Getting Accepted:
Applications are reviewed in random orders in huge chunks, so the best applicants are selected out of a large majority. If you have met all the requirements to become a member of Staff, your application will be validated. This does not mean that you have been accepted. If you are validated, you may never even be accepted - so you will just have to play the waiting game.

If you are accepted by a Manager/Owner (Admins can not accept/deny you), you will be brought into Discord and given a "tour" of the Staff Team and how we function. You will be shown things other players cannot see, so you must keep them confidential. After you have passed a basic interview, you will be gladly working with our other Staff Members.
Getting Denied:

Hello Community,

We have several features scheduled to be added in addition to a new spawn that has been added yesterday.
The new spawn has alot more helpful information about a variety of topics aswell as a cobble generator sample.

Planned Features/Changes
  • Island Advertisement slots (You will be able to buy a slot for a limited time, that way your island is exposed to many players, helpful for Island shops)
  • Addition of Iron Golem & Squid spawns to the spawner shop
  • Improvements for the starter kit and adding it to the official kits menu with a shorter cooldown

Launch Sale
We have decided to extend the sale for a little bit more until we activate Paysafecard on our stores, that way everyone can take advantage of this one-time only 50% sale.

Parkour Event
A parkour event will be hosted soon with amazing prizes for the first three winners (Rewards range from ranks to keys). Make sure you are following our Discord's announcements to know when exactly the event will be.

Join Discord Here discord.skyunity.org

Most of you already know, but we have two new Youtubers, so let's welcome them.
  • Injured (Will be streaming frequently on the server)
  • JonesBoyMC (Will be starting his own series on the server)
  • qugust (He will be recording on the server for a limited time)
This is a reminder that we are looking for Youtubers with 500+ subscribers and an active fanbase.
If you are eligible and think you are worthy of the rank, please contact one of the owners on Discord.
Our Youtubers get a $150 rank in addition to keys weekly and are only expected to stream atleast two times a week.

Staff Team
This server is built entirely on community. That community needs a professional, active and passionate staff team to keep a friendly environment and provide immediate assistance. And...

Hey guys and girls,

We're hugely excited to announce our forums are finally open with custom features, server integration and staff applications. In a matter of a week, we've raised enough money to continue operating smoothly for the next few months. SkyUnity is a continous project and we're all pleased that you're enjoying the server.

SkyUnity will receive many updates and promotions in the coming weeks and we invite you all for the ride. First of all, we'd like to thank two people who have pulled all-nighters to get the server online.

@Boomclaw for introducing the idea to Pizza and working on bringing these forums online and operating smoothly.

@PizzaMC for creating SkyUnity's amazing experience and working with key individuals to produce a fantastic community.
Yes, we just thanked ourselves. So what?

Best wishes,
@Boomclaw and @PizzaMC.
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