Hey Community!
As most of you know, the server has been undergoing several changes and that came in the shape of economical adjustments and features implementations. Our latest feature is flight. We have taken flight to a whole new level to make sure you get what you deserve from a simple /VOTE

▶ Temporary Flight
You can now get 10 MINUTES of flight time per vote. Temporary flight is not limited to just your island, but it allows you to fly virtually anywhere on the realms. You can vote 7 times on the server daily that leaves you with 1 HOUR AND 10 MINUTES of flight time daily on each individual realm! Amazing right?

1. You will be notified of the amount of time you have received from voting.

2. Good news, you get a 10seconds countdown before your temporary flight is removed and a title to remind you that you need to vote

3. You can also execute /FLY INFO to get the total time that you currently have.

4. We have edited the scoreboard to make sure it even includes flight info! The scoreboard houses alot of valuable information.

▶ The Flight Relic
The relic, a perk everyone been asking about. The relic basically grants everyone in your island's team the ability to /FLY on the island ONLY. Also if an island's member has the relic, it won't matter. Only the owner of the island has the ability to make everyone on the team fly.

▶ Permanent Fly
Having this will make you able to fly anywhere at any time....
Hello Community,
The full release of SkyUnity will unleash it's unique features that have been under development for a month.
The network is set to dominate the Skyblock field over time and attract alot of players looking for a professional, custom, unique, and most importantly, fun environment and experience. We haven't yet set a release date but you can expect such an announcement soon.


▶ Fancy Realm
Fancy realm has been our first server on the network. It was as well our main focus during development. Some of the features that have been added so far are:

  • Merchant Wands
  • A revamped interactive Island Manager
  • Leveled Fountains Member & Donator bonuses
  • Realm-wide trails
  • Realm-wide companions
  • New crate system
  • New referral system
  • Unity Prestiges ranks
  • Unity Shards Leaderboard
  • and alot more...

▶ Lobby
The lobby has changed and we have tried to make it as optimized as possible while providing necessary quick information about each realm.

  • The scoreboard will now tell you how many unity shards you have on each realm. [​IMG]
  • The selector has been re-made as well. We are looking forward to adding information regarding your primary island in the selector in the near future. [​IMG]
  • There is now information regarding registering on the forums and...
Hello Community,
After weeks of developments and delays caused by personal issues with the developer, I present to you Fancy SB's custom enchantments that will make your life easier. They will. Below is all the information you need regarding the update. There are 18 enchantments for now, alot more to come soon.

▶ Enchantment Panel Menu
Logically, not all enchantments are worth the same prices. For example, Shards Magnet can make you millions while Leaps is just an effect. That's why we divided the enchantments into three different tiers known as Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III.

First, you have to visit this guy. Yes, he may look familiar to you because he has always been located at spawn. Or you can just do /enchants


  1. You select the tier you want to buy [​IMG]
  2. You choose to pay either with money or with xp levels [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. You add the item you want to enchant into the menu [​IMG]
  4. Click on Enchant (the slime block)
  5. Your item will get a random enchantment from the tier you selected. [​IMG]
That's one way to do it. If you already have the book then simply drag and drop the book onto your item. No, we don't have success rates, it's frustrating, it's a 100% success rate.

▶ Disnchanting Panel Menu...
Helpful SkyUnity Rules

Hey there SkyUnity players!

In order to keep the network fun for everyone, some rules must be in place. Failure to abide by our rules may result in suspensions on your account.

You may not:
  • Spam or Flood the chat.
  • Use commands to spam another player's chat.
  • Harass or disrespect others.
  • Threaten to DDos, Dox, Swat, or kill.
  • Encouraging the breaking of these rules.
  • Impersonate others.
  • Advertise other servers or your social media.
  • Hackusate.
  • Use an inappropriate name or skin.
  • Post an inappropriate link, including anything NSFW.
  • Trade items from SkyUnity for items outside of SkyUnity (diamonds on skyblock for csgo skins or cash)
  • Hack or use illegal mods.
  • Use a script, macro, or glitch to automatically perform an action while you are away from your computer.
  • Use exploits or glitches.
  • Tp Trap.
  • Grief.
  • Scam.
  • Chargeback purchases from SkyUnity.
Greetings all. In this thread you will find every last bit of information you will need to know in order to become a member of our professional Staff Team. The thread will cover the application process, getting denied, getting accepted and will be continually updated when changes to this system are made.

  • You must have a validated Discord account. Discord is the platform we use to communicate and you must possess an account to become a member of our Staff Team.
  • You must have at least some previous experience, so we know that you can be trusted with the powers that will be given to.
  • You must be at least 13 Years Old, as we require all Staff to have a certain level of maturity. Vouches can be made on rare occasions.
  • You must possess 5 - 7 hours weekly ontime, as we require all Staff Members to be active.
  • Your application must be over 600 words, it shows that you have put effort into your application. Although, this is just the bare minimum. We are looking for Staff who go above and beyond the "bare minimum".
Getting Accepted:
Applications are reviewed in random orders in huge chunks, so the best applicants are selected out of a large majority. If you have met all the requirements to become a member of Staff, your application will be validated. This does not mean that you have been accepted. If you are validated, you may never even be accepted - so you will just have to play the waiting game.

If you are accepted by a Manager/Owner (Admins can not accept/deny you), you will be brought into Discord and given a "tour" of the Staff Team and how we function. You will be shown things other players cannot see, so you must keep them confidential. After you have passed a basic interview, you will be gladly working with our other Staff Members.
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