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    Hey there SkyUnity players!

    In order to keep the network fun for everyone, some rules must be in place. Failure to abide by our rules may result in suspensions on your account.

    You may not:
    • Spam or Flood the chat.
    • Use commands to spam another player's chat.
    • Harass or disrespect others.
    • Threaten to DDos, Dox, Swat, or kill.
    • Encouraging the breaking of these rules.
    • Impersonate others.
    • Advertise other servers or your social media.
    • Hackusate.
    • Use an inappropriate name or skin.
    • Post an inappropriate link, including anything NSFW.
    • Trade items from SkyUnity for items outside of SkyUnity (diamonds on skyblock for csgo skins or cash)
    • Hack or use illegal mods.
    • Use a script, macro, or glitch to automatically perform an action while you are away from your computer.
    • Use exploits or glitches.
    • Tp Trap.
    • Grief.
    • Scam.
    • Chargeback purchases from SkyUnity.
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